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Interview with the Chancellors, creators of The Chancellor Collection for Marc Nolan shoes

January 11, 2019 4 Comments

Chicago shoe company launches new men’s shoe collection for spring 2019. Men’s shoes designed by Kam Chancellor.

As Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor and model Tiffany Chancellor prepare to debut their his & hers shoe collection with Marc Nolan, they share when their love of fashion began, how they define their personal style and what makes The Chancellor Collection unique. Styles from The Chancellor Collection will make their debut soon and presale will begin on February 1st.

What was the moment you knew you had an affinity for fashion?

KC: I knew that I had an affinity for fashion when I was a young kid. I did my best to dress the part with what I had. Sometimes I would take some of my sister’s clothes and mix it in with mine for school. She had that feminine/tomboy look so there were some masculine items in her closet. In college, I used to dress up for class a lot. I got crap for it at times because everyone would usually wear sweatsuits. Nope, not me. When I got into the NFL, I then began to build up my confidence to really take ownership of who I am and what I like to wear. Now I love to dress up and express my inner “classic man.”

TC: Probably in the ninth grade. Around that age I really began putting effort into my outfits. Almost every day I would try to wear something unique and different. I never wanted to look like everyone else.

Tiffany, please tell us a little bit about your modeling career.

TC: My first photo shoot was at 3 years old. I didn’t really pursue it as a career, however, until after I graduated college. I’ve done a little bit of runway modeling here and there, but most of my work has been in the commercial and print area. I’ve shot for clients like Toyota, Buick, HTC, Kmart, Skechers and many others.

How would you describe your sense of style?

KC: My sense of style is very classic, yet slightly edgy. I like clean lines and minimal color, but I’m not afraid to dabble a little when something catches my eye. I’m very debonair with my style.

TC: My sense of style is very eclectic. I’m what I call an “emotional dresser.” I dress up for the day based mostly on how I’m feeling at the moment. So my style varies from day to day.

What’s a style trend you’re loving right now and why?

KC & TC: We love the printed trouser trend going on now. So many prints and comfortable fabrics. We love anything that is comfortable yet still stylish. We also really love long overcoats of various styles. Sometimes it can seem hard to be stylish during winter since the goal is warmth, however the perfect overcoat does both! They keep you warm and stylish. That’s a win-win!

What do shoes bring to your style that no other fashion item can?

KC & TC: The perfect shoe with the right outfit brings confidence. Shoes can really be like the cherry-topper for your outfit. They bring an entire look together. When you feel like your look is put together well, you feel more confident.

What makes you most excited about The Chancellor Collection?

KC: I think the most exciting thing about The Chancellor Collection is the fact that we have been working to get this line off the ground for a couple years now and we are finally going to see the fruits of our labor. Teaming up with Marc Nolan is going to be very exciting. He [Sebastian] is a great guy, with a lot of knowledge and background in the shoe industry. He knows what people like. Other than that, I am very excited to drop his & hers lines with my creative wife, Mrs. Tiffany Chancellor.

TC: I’m excited to develop a collection of women’s shoes that is both practical yet stylish. Feminine and sophisticated, yet comfortable and versatile. I’m also excited to do this alongside my husband Kam. I’m looking forward to the challenge of creating a true his & hers line of shoes that is individually suitable for a man or woman, yet together are a uniquely designed and unified pair.

What does your shoe collection offer that can’t be found anywhere else?

KC & TC: First off we’d say that outside of athletic footwear, we haven’t heard of any shoe company that offers his & hers options. Marc Nolan’s his & hers collection will offer a chance to really coordinate with your favorite person without looking cheesy or silly. Our shoes will mesh together perfectly yet still express your individual style.

What makes starting a shoe collection together as husband and wife significant for you?

KC:To me, I think that doing a shoe line together is a part of who we are as a married couple, and it speaks about how much we like to work together and how our thoughts are kind of telepathically intertwined. We think alike most of the time, and we feel this would also be a great thing for couples who do the same. His & hers is another form of unity in my eyes.

4 Responses


February 02, 2019

Amazing! can’t wait for the release!

Mark Slaughter
Mark Slaughter

January 29, 2019

Very cool. I look forward to seeing your new shoe line!


January 29, 2019

Congratulations Kam and Tif, so proud and happy for you both!

Sergii Stetsiuk
Sergii Stetsiuk

January 13, 2019

Congratulations with new line!!!

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