Why the Oxford Hybrid is the Most Desired Men’s Shoe for Spring

January 16, 2019

When you’re getting ready to tuck away your combat boots and neutral colors to make way for spring attire, a fresh pair of shoes to usher in the new season will take you to the next level no matter where you go. You’ll want something fun but sharp. Bold but not gaudy. Timeless yet modern. Well, make space in your shoe wardrobe for the it-shoe of spring. The oxford hybrid is the most coveted spring men’s shoe, and you’re going to want to have one (or a few) of them ready to go as soon as the temps start climbing. Here’s why this dapper pair is all the rage.

You get the best of both worlds

Not only is the wingtip versatile all on its own. Add an athletic sole and it’s updated for the modern man. Full brogue wingtip detailing and quality materials like sheepskin suede, calfskin and full-grain leather keep the hybrids classic on top while the dual-colored athletic sole gives it a sporty edge on the bottom. The result? The perfect not-quite-a-dress shoe style. This in-between personality makes hybrids ideal for a range of color palettes and casual outfits. Between ourGavin andJasper styles, you can find hues to pair with your favorite shirts and jeans, meaning more opportunities for fun combos.


It’s not all about looks for our hybrids. A shock-absorbing EVA and rubber sole supplies lightweight stability for every step of your day, and a padded heel gives you another layer of velvety cushioning for any tread. No matter what your day looks like, your kicks will always feel as good as they look on you.

Best styles for springs

We recommend going for more texture this spring to add a sophisticated touch to your ensemble. Plus, spring is all about introducing richer colors, and both suede versions of the Jasper Wingtip Sneaker feature unique hues that will make you stand out in all the right ways.

TheJasper Honey Wingtip Sneaker is sunny and smooth, making it the perfect contrasting element for a navy suit or a fun finishing touch to a look anchored by light wash jeans or joggers.

If you’re itching for a pop of color to elevate and define your spring uniform, theJasper in navy is your guy. Pair it with white pants and a lightweight shirt or with cuffed black denim pants, a white button-down and a patterned sports coat.

Looking for something sleek for all seasons? Hit up theGavin, available in three foundational colors.

Where to wear it

Because of its goes-with-everything design and comfort, the oxford hybrid is perfect for every spring outing and adventure. Jetsetters will love wearing them to the airport as they escape to the beach or mountains. On the ground, they’ll be your go-to companion for walking to your neighborhood coffee shop on the weekends. They won’t leave you hanging during the week though. You’ll be able to nail the approachable but ambitious vibe at networking events just as easily as you’ll be able to relax on the patio at happy hour with these kicks. Style them for your needs and your destination.

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