ICYMI Weekly Roundup: Memorial Day Sales

May 25, 2018

Here’s everything we’ve been reading this week that we just don’t want you to miss out on:


Still have money from your tax refund burning a hole in your wallet? Good thing Memorial Day sales are popping up for the long weekend ahead. GQ has rounded up the best menswear sales to refresh your wardrobe for the summer. And Refinery29 has a roundup on lock for the ladies. And speaking of sales, *cough, cough* the Marc Nolan sale section was updated just in time for the holiday. A word of caution, though: online shopping and day drinking do not mix. (GQ & Refinery29)

Ever wear a thong for an entire day? If your answer is no, ever wonder what it would be like? Refinery29 recruited a few guys to take what they deemed “The Thong Challenge” and wear the divisive clothing item all day long in lieu of their typical boxers and briefs. It was…educational for them. Watch the video detailing their adventures. (Refinery29)

Designer Brian Atwood doesn’t just make great shoes for women; he also has Chicago roots. When he visited home for a talk and luncheon hosted by the Chicago History Museum’s Costume Council, he spoke to Chicago Magazine about the city’s place in the fashion world, his go-to spots when he visits and his signature piece of fashion advice. Yes, please. (Chicago Magazine)

In what the writer deems “a truly cruel and stupid endeavor,” NPR ranked each SNL musical performer from this season after its finale last weekend. The 43rd season of the iconic show featured artists from a variety of genres like Jack White, Cardi B, Kasey Musgraves and Miley Cyrus. View the list and see if you agree with the final standings. (NPR)

The future of fashion is now. In a collaboration between denim brand 3x1 and industrial designer Joe Doucet, there now exists a pair of jeans that clean your phone when you put it in your pocket, feature a light-reflecting stripe down the leg for nighttime pedestrians and commuters, and have RFID-blocking fabric in the large pockets for credit cards and passports. And yes, they produced pairs for both men and women. (Who What Wear)

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