The Best Airport Outfits for Men

April 29, 2021

We're firm believers the journey is just as important as the destination. And when applying this philosophy to travel, we believe airport fashion is just as important as travel style at the destination.

These days, it's common to see people wearing pajamas versus regular clothes when traveling. We'll be honest, we're all about doing you, but wearing pajamas as your airport outfit is not the move.

To combat this movement, we gathered some of the best travel outfits you can pair with your favorite Marc Nolan pieces. After all, we know they'll be coming along for the ride.

Travel Outfits for Men

The Vacationer

Vacation Outfits
Airport Outfit Inspiration

Paired with Kyler Cognac Woven Monk Straps, this outfit is inspired by the individual setting off to places like Tulum or Cancun.

We'll admit it, we're jealous. And with an airplane outfit like this, everyone at the airport will be jealous too. Pair similar to this outfit by looking for a soft, breathable linen short sleeve patterned shirt and for some chinos that have good stretch.

King of Athleisure

Airport Outfits Athleisure
Airport Outfits Athleisure Inspiration

If you're looking for supreme comfort when creating a travel outfit, this is the one you should imitate. A clean white tee, a pair of premium sweatpants, and a pair of our Ash Trainers available in black, navy, or tan.

Not only will the Ash Trainers help you feel comfortable no matter the flight time, but they will also highlight a more sophisticated edge in styling vs basic white sneakers.

The Cabin Snoozer

Airplane Outfits
Airplane Outfits Inspiration

We know plane rides for some individuals require a little more preparation. From making sure you have your meds that help with cabin pressure to you neck pillow and sleep mask, airport fashion is often the last thing attended to.

Fortunately, this travel outfit fits the mold for such an individual. A nice pair of soft chinos and big hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable if you want to doze off in the cabin. Oh, and with our sharp easy-to-slip-on Odell Belgian Loafersyou'll have a tied together outfit optimized for sleep.

The Airport Bar Hopper

Casual Airport Outfits
Casual Airport Outfits Inspiration

Built up from our Donovan Wingtip Chelsea Boots, this plane outfit features light, high-quality denim and a simple t-shirt. This look is ideal for those that like to be social and meet new friends in spots like the airport bar. It's also great for getting that phone number.

For added layering and interest, we highly recommend sporting a dad cap and accessorizing with a watch. For those colder days, swap the t-shirt for a long-sleeve or sweater. 

The Up for Anything

Travel Outfits
Travel Outfits for the Airport

Whether you're touching down in a new city for work or for play, a pair of our forever durable Belmont Wingtip Combat Boots are the best boots to look to. While it may seem contradictory bringing these to the airport, wearing them works 10x better than trying to shove them in your bag. Plus, our Belmont line features memory foam insoles and full leather lining—which means they'll feel comfortable on your feet sitting for long stretches.

Paired with a linen button-up and a timeless pair of blue jeans or chinos, this is the kind of outfit for walking off the runway and into the big city.

Timeless Travel Style

Whichever travel style you prefer to take on, your airport outfits should always be ready for public wear too.

The next time one of your loved ones suggest wearing pajamas on the go, remind them there are fashionable garments out there offering just as much comfort for the traveler—as well as quality pieces of footwear to match them with.

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