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Our Favorite Men’s Sock and Shoe Styles

April 24, 2019

Five popular men’s sock styles

Shoes are the cherry on top of any outfit. They can complement your look or tie it all together. But your kicks don’t work alone. The way you pair socks with shoes is important. Just like any accessory, socks add another layer of expression to whatever you’re wearing, helping you define your unique style (just think back to when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was spottedwearing Star Wars socks with his suit).
Not all socks are created equal though. We recommend stocking your sock collection primarily with mid-calf styles. They’re made for fashion and are the most versatile type. Plus, they go with everything from dress shoes to loafers to boots. Here are 5 sock styles to show off this spring.

1. Textured

You don’t have to be loud to be noticed sometimes. When it comes to complementing your kicks in a subtle way, textured socks are the way to go. You can always lean on vertical lines of ribbed socks for a classic, goes-with-everything look. Or pick socks with awoven blend of stitching with contrasting colors for added interest. In both of these cases, textured looks will serve you better on the chillier spring days, as these styles are often a little thicker or resemble sweater or scarf styles. Grab a pair of grey or black ribbed socks for versatility and a more colorful woven look for more adventurous days.

2. Classic stripes

Striped socks are like vanilla ice cream — they’ve always there when you need something classic. Stripes look just as sharp with suiting and monk strap shoes as they do with cuffed jeans andwingtip lace-ups, making them a wardrobe staple. You can never have too many, either, so stock up on brighter colors — especially blues — for the warm seasons and more muted hues for fall and winter.

3. Bright solids

When you do want to be louder, simplify and turn up the volume with color. Doing so takes an ordinary outfit and makes it something worth talking about. It’s also a great way to introduce more color coordination to your look. Pair yellow ribbed socks with cuffed blue chinos andbrown loafers or match purple socks to the purple in your striped tie, wearing them with a textured gray suit and black lace-ups.

4. Show-stopping patterns

Go beyond stripes and use intriguing patterns to take your outfit to the next level. We can’t help but love argyle as a more formal go-to. Paisley is a close second. But when it comes to patterned socks, the sky’s the limit. You can shake things up with a pair of polka dot socks or get super personal with a pair boasting the logo of your alma mater on game day. Get creative here!

5. No-shows

When in doubt, go for no-shows. In this case, we aren’t talking socks that steal the show, but socks that help yourshoes steal the show. These are strictly functional and prevent any sweaty discomfort caused by going sockless. Look at any men’s fashion magazine and you’ll see sockless looks everywhere — withsneakers and shorts or dress pants andoxfords. Wear these with everything from loafers to lace-ups.
Knock our socks off with your Marc Nolan shoe-sock combos by sharing your photos on Instagram using #MarcNolan. You may even get featured on our feed!

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