Marc Nolan’s Chicago Shoe Store Gets an Update

June 05, 2019

Every change we make at Marc Nolan we make with you in mind. From the way we package your shoes to the way they feel on your foot, we know the details matter. And they matter when you come to the Marc Nolan store in Chicago to browse our shoes in person.

We recently gave our store a makeover to bring updates that we hope will take your shopping experience to the next level. We’re excited to share some of those new features and show you around on your next visit. Here’s what’s new.

The aesthetic

There are a few updates that have completely transformed the vibe of the store. For starters, we repainted the entire store with a modern palette of slate gray and navy with white accents. Then we brought in some new furniture like couches, tables and plush chairs to add a relaxing and chic vibe to the store while also giving you spaces to try on the styles that pique your interest. And if you happened to drag someone shoe shopping with you, they can at least enjoy a comfortable place to rest while you browse.

If you happened to come by our Chicago shoe store in the past, you probably noticed we had some neighbors in the space. Well, now it’s just us, so you have the whole store to yourself.

Functional updates

Next up, some new features that help make shopping more convenient. Right under our logo, we added new custom shelves to display more shoes so you can see more styles at once. And once you try on a few and decide which ones you want to take home, our new custom register will have you checked out in time to make your dinner reservation.

We also know that lots of our customers don’t live in Chicago, so we built a new dividing wall to create a space where we can fulfill the online orders without disrupting the in-store experience and atmosphere.

A new welcome perk

We saved the best for last. Now when you visit the store, you can enjoy a cocktail on us! So tell us what you’ll have and sip as you shop. Take your time, and when you’re ready, we’ll have you heading out the store feeling — and looking — better than when you came in.

Come see us today — we’re located at 1252 N Milwaukee Ave. Find us on a map and check out our hours here.

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